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Fluffy’s hotel: The only one left!

28 Feb

Dnaiel Austin (the winner of another competition) is going to write Fluffy’s hotel with me! When we finish, we shall put it on here for you! hope you enjoy it!

This has got nothing to do with stories but its cool!

28 Feb

Helen Skelton Completes High-wire walk!

The murderer!

26 Feb

The man who killed Mr. Green was infact… MR. KRAK, but there was another man behind the execution too!

Mr. Bon bought a whole load of CD’s and then sold them to Mr. Apple. That was the deal some saw the two making! Then, Mr. Bon said to Mr. Krak that if he killed Mr. Green, he would pay him. They agreed. Mr. Flor had a memory loss when he was four and behaved strangley for the most of his life! So, Mr. Krak and Mr. Bon will be arrested.

Don’t forget to join in with the next mystery! Bye!


23 Feb

I want your opinion on this, what do you think?

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Free HTML Codes



Its Wednesday today!

HTML Codes by Katie.


Our Toolbar!

22 Feb

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20 Feb

Its not just stories, but books too!

Here’s some chosen favrouites!

Clue found! Mr. Krak is known for h############ kes#####



19 Feb

Mr. Jack Green was packing his suit cases at 5:30, Friday 18th February 2011, to go to Benidorm when he was shot by one of the suspects below. It’s your job to find out who murdered Mr. Green as quickly as you can. You have eight days until we reveal who killed him, good luck!


Mr. Apple.

Likes: Mr. Bon, music, eating and luxury.

Dislikes: Mr. Green and dirty work. Where he said he was at 5:30 Friday 18th February 2011: The grocery store, 3 miles away from Mr. Green’s postion when killed.

Mr. Bon.

Likes: Mr. Apple, holiday’s and PC’s.

Dislikes: Anything bad especialy Mr. Apple. Where he said he was at 5:30 Friday 18th February 2011: The bank, 30 miles away from Mr. Green’s position when killed.

Mr. Krack.

Likes: Money.

Dislikes: Mr. Apple. Where he said he was at 5:30 Friday 18th February 2011: At home, 2.1 miles away from Mr. Green’s position when killed.

Mr. Flor.

Likes: Adventure movies like Indiana jones and Star Wars.

Dislikes: Mr. Apple.  No more info avaliable.

Happy Investigating!

Valentines Day story!

14 Feb

 Hello every body!

It’s Valentines Day today and here is a special story to celebrate!

free smileys There were two brothers. One was called Sammy and the other was called Simmy. They both had a girl friend.  free smileys Sammy’s was called Sally, and Simmy’s was called Solly. One day, they got married. The end.

I know this is a boring story but I’m not very good with love!



12 Feb

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The Fluffy’s hotel competition special

6 Feb


It was a very peaceful day at Fluffy’s Hotel. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and there was a huge robot stomping it’s way towards the hotel… What? It had a shield shaped head, a speaker instead of an arm, a ketchup shooter on the other side, and then from there downwards, there were thousands of hundreds of millions of thousands of billions of buttons!
HELLO!!!!! I AM JEF THE ROBOT GUY!!!! I WANT A ROOom” Fluffy and the other were clearing their ears because Jef the robot guy had shouted so loud.
DISCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jef the robot guy shouted. Suddenly, the reception became a disco room. All of the staff came down and danced. Just then, Jef the robot guy did something dreadful…
Fluffy was covered in ketchup!
“Right! Mr. Robot, go away!” Fluffy demanded.
“More disco or ketchup anyone?” Jef wondered.
“NO!” Every one called.
“WA!” Jef the robot guy sobbed. He went outside.
“Don’t oo fink we are being a bi’ c’uel?” Greyee asked.
“Yes I think we are. I say Jef Robot guy thingy! You can stay!” Fluffy said.
“Yipeeeeeee! Let’s party!” Jef the robot guy was so happy he covered every one in ketchup.