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Christmas Eve!

23 Dec

Hi fellow followers!


Its Christmas eve tomorrow! Isnt it exsiting! Im getting a camcorder, what are you getting?


21 Dec

Here is the official list of Fluffy’s hotel episodes!

The Pilot Episode

What do you think of Flufffy’s hotel? (one-off)

Children in need special (one-off)

The Moaning Lisa

The world of Babies

 The Missing Tea Cup

Hurrah! Hurrah!

Ink and Pen

Santa Claus has no claws

The oPen

The Fluffy’s Hotel Factor

Fluffy away

Things are bad

The invader

The thirteenth day of Christmas

Cheeky Cheeky

Fluffy’s back

The treasure hunt

The mystery of Stone Hedge

Mistress Greyee

The Fluffy’s hotel competition special (one-off)

The time machine

World War Rabbit

The invasion of the foxes

The great elevator escape


The fox-arpo

Greyee’s skeleton

The example

The end

Sweet shop (one-off)

Simon Cow returns

The ghost of Elvis Rabbity

The critic’s are coming

The competition

The midnight blue

The mummy

The French Bear cometh

The French Bear’s trains ride

The big booby party

The French bear’s departure

Viscouly ghost

The French Bear and the cows

The French Bear’s plane

Good bye, good riddance

The sexy day

What colour to wear

How to know if you’re eating a male or a female fish

Lisa’s return

Red with blue stripes

Sexy and with style

Another Fluffy


Which or witch

Lady of the baby

Kissing or hating

Where did Father Christmas go?

Stop! There’s something up my sleeve

The weakest animal link

What did I say

The revenge



The rainbow fish

Mr. Nobody’s funeral

The art gallery

The key facts

HA funny

Hello! Hello!

Sell, buy, sell, sell, buy, buy


Reflection protection

Fluffy and the chimney sweep

The dirt flood

The visit

Don’t say food

Surprise! Surprise!

The quiz-mas

The collector collector

Marry Potter

The seven sisters

Bruce will self destruct in twenty five seconds

As green as grass

Brace out

Closing down

The yearly space expedition

Goodbye hotel

Mr. and Mrs. Mouse

The reopen

Oh no!

Fluffy’s hotel

That’s it! See you with The Moaning Lisa in 2011!

What do you collect?

20 Dec

What do you collect? Trains or stickers? You’ll get a special prize if you’re the first to tell us.



19 Dec

Hello guys! Heres a poll for you to fill in!

I cant choose!

Heres another cool website for you to enjoy!



18 Dec

Look on the Fluffy’s hotel page! It might not make sense though! It’s snowing like mad here too!

Hello everyone!

18 Dec

Hello every one! Here’s a sneak peek of Fluffy’s hotel!

Here are the series one episodes:

The Moaning Lisa

The world of babies

The missing tea cup

Hurrah! Hurrah!

Ink and Pen

Check it out!

15 Dec

New stuff arriving soon, please be patient! 

 Competitions! Please check everyday!

It’s already the last week of school!

13 Dec

It’s the last week of school here! The stories are getting better and better! See you soon!


Hello world!

13 Dec

Hello! This is me and Matthews writing blog! Soon there will be lots of stories for you to enjoy!