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The Weekly Press September 25th – October 2nd

27 Sep

Hello everyone! Here with your weekly news as usual! OUR STORIES ENGLAND now have a new author, strangeglove! Head over to the “Meet The Gang ” page where you can find out all about this new recruit. He will be an author for one year before he needs to re-new his upgrade! If you wish to purchase an upgrade, head over to the “Membership, Upgrades and more…” page NOW! Speaking of upgrades, we have a new offer for Upgrade Point One that expires 1st November! Don’t miss it!

Next week we’ll have some news about the story festival and more…! This week, members can type in their member name into the box above and get a preview of Upgrade Point Two! Bye fore now!

Moshi Monsters

23 Sep

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The Weekly Press – Saturday 17th – Saturday 24th September

17 Sep

Hello! Here’s our first news! (Members will be sent by email some Quickfire Quizzes) The site’s just reopened and new features are EVERYWHERE! not just for members! Comment on the new comments page with a suggestion of what our main colour should be (at the moment it’s purple) and you might win a handful of free smilies! Members get double amount!

You can also win a FANTASTIC prize in October! So check the competitions page all HORNBY fans!

WE’VE RE-OPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 Sep

Hello There!



Yes that’s right! We have been busy putting together the new features and the work has definitely been worth it! Check out Horace The Hamster, Zachary Plotter, Fluffy Fuff and Lady GaGa! Check out the new upgrade!  Take a good look round! To celebrate we are holding the Re-Open Weekend! We’ve got Jaqueline Wilson’s highly popular Tracey Beaker, mattyeahyeahyeah’s comedy Fluffy’s Hotel, Katzoo23’s brand new features, and more!

Charity of the month: Some of the money we get when you buy membership or an upgrade until 1st October will go to the RSPCA! If you wish to donate, email us at


2 Sep

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