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Competion time!

30 Jun

Hands up all who love poetry! Then you will love this prize! To win a 5 star poem written by the / Our Stories staff! All you need to do is complete a simple little task.


Write us a Haiku poem and the best will receive a certificate with the poem on it!


Wonderful Weekends!

28 Jun

Come along on the 2nd and 3rd of July for The First Wonderful Weekend! There is a range of exclusive activities on those two days ONLY! Here’s the time table!

2nd July- Brand new Fluffy’s Hotel at 8:30! Member’s Newsletter via email at 9:00! More of those mad cyco’s from Zachary Plotter at 9:30!

3rd July- Zachary Plotter Day from 11:30 – 5:00!

Don’t missout on our new competition on Thursday, and the Wonderful Weekend on the 9th and 10th of July!

9th July- New background! Time is N/A!

10th July- Two Fluffy’s Hotel’s sent to all members! Time is N/A!

Who thinks this is unfair?

27 Jun

Watch this video! It’s shocking!

Day out with Zachary Plotter 3rd July

22 Jun

The Zachary Plotter day has been reorganized!

Zachary Plotter and his solicitor will be on the event page from 8:30, Louis and Ellen will be on the Zachary Plotter page from an unkown time!

Watch these!

15 Jun

The Our Stories Video Jukebox


Upcoming events (6th June-31st July)

5 Jun

26th June- Day out with Zachary Plotter – Meet Zachary on the chat box and a mystery friend on the Zachary Plotter page.

10th July- Chat Box Auction – Win Website upgrade to moshi monster accounts, 04:05- 04:40

16th July- Story Festival – Get a chance to share your ideas, read exclusive stories, talk with us and more!

Next Post

4 Jun

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

Happy Birthday Roger!

4 Jun

Happy Birthday to Roger, mattyeaheyahyeah’s brother! To celebrate we are holding a chat box quiz night event at 6:00 that you mustn’t miss!

 If you would like us to celebrate your birthday, just put a comment down below!

Chat Box Quiz Night – Today!

4 Jun

Go to the chat box at 5:55 to be ready for the quiz at 6:00!

Chat Box Quiz Night- 4th June!

3 Jun

Don’t miss the chat box quiz night on 4th June! Just go to the Chat box page!