The Fluffy’s hotel competition special

6 Feb


It was a very peaceful day at Fluffy’s Hotel. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and there was a huge robot stomping it’s way towards the hotel… What? It had a shield shaped head, a speaker instead of an arm, a ketchup shooter on the other side, and then from there downwards, there were thousands of hundreds of millions of thousands of billions of buttons!
HELLO!!!!! I AM JEF THE ROBOT GUY!!!! I WANT A ROOom” Fluffy and the other were clearing their ears because Jef the robot guy had shouted so loud.
DISCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jef the robot guy shouted. Suddenly, the reception became a disco room. All of the staff came down and danced. Just then, Jef the robot guy did something dreadful…
Fluffy was covered in ketchup!
“Right! Mr. Robot, go away!” Fluffy demanded.
“More disco or ketchup anyone?” Jef wondered.
“NO!” Every one called.
“WA!” Jef the robot guy sobbed. He went outside.
“Don’t oo fink we are being a bi’ c’uel?” Greyee asked.
“Yes I think we are. I say Jef Robot guy thingy! You can stay!” Fluffy said.
“Yipeeeeeee! Let’s party!” Jef the robot guy was so happy he covered every one in ketchup.