Maranda’s toys

Hi every one! More stories! This one is about two school children that bring toys to school and the headteacher does all she can to prove it! Unfortunately for the head teacher, the boy has magical powers and makes fun of the head from dusk to dawn!  Hope you enjoy it!

Chapter one: Meet Maranda and Wallioms

Maranda Saxon and Jonathon Wallioms were best friends. Maranda was 9 and all ways brought toys into school. This was against the school rules. Jonathon was 9 too and had magical powers. He used them to get Maranda and himself out of trouble! Maranda liked Toy Story (especially No. 3) and Polly in my pocket. She would also go round Jonathon’s house every Saturday to watch Doctor Who with him. Jonathon also used to like Thunderbirds until he found out about Star Wars. He especially liked episode 5.

It was Monday. First, it was science. Maranda and Jonathon sat down together. Maranda had brung some Polly in my pocket dolls, and Jonathon was ready with his magical powers. Mr. Brandy was their teacher. He caught sight of one of the dolls.

“What is that you have there Maranda?” Mr. Brandy asked. The whole class then burst out with laughter.

“That’s a good one Sir!” A boy cried out. Mr. Brandy was confused. He’d just asked a question and the 30 odd children were laughing their heads off. It was Jonathon’s fault. He had used his magical powers to make everyone  except him, Maranda and Mr. Brandy think Mr. Brandy had said “Chicken, chicken on the wall, I need  the loo and I will come back in a tick!” Maranda and Jonathon looked at each other and smiled.

Chapter two: The snake on the desk

The bell rang. It was time for lesson number two. Maranda looked at her time-table. Maths. Maranda and Jonathon both groaned when they got to the door of their maths class. It was Mrs. Outch. Maranda and Jonathon sat down at their desk.

“Mrs. Outch is afraid of snakes. Put a snake on the table if she spots me!” Maranda whispered into Jonathon’s ear. Jonathon gave Maranda a slow nod.

“Stop talking you two. What’s that you’ve got there?” Mrs. Outch had spotted Maranda’s dolls. Jonathon raised his hands so that his fingers were pointing at Mrs. Outch. Suddenly, blue tubes started to come out of his finger nails. They kept growing until they reached Mrs. Outch’s desk. Mrs. Outch was sitting at the desk. The lines suddenly disappeared and a snake appeared on the desk.

“AAAARRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Mrs. Outch was screaming like mad. Some pupils rushed to the door and the other 74% laughed. Mrs. Outch rushed to the fire exit and ran out shouting “MAYDAY!” as she went.

Chapter three: The Bat in the hat

After lunch, Maranda and Jonathon decided to play another trick on Mrs. Outch. They crept into her classroom and put a book on the desk. They then hid behind a bookshelf. They saw Mrs. Outch walk in. She picked up the book and read it. It was The Cat In The Hat. Mrs. Outch looked at the cover.

“Time to spice things up a bit!” Jonathon whispered and he turned The Cat into a bat! Mrs. Outch screamed as the bat came to life and flew every where. Maranda and Jonathon giggled. They soon stopped. The head teacher rushed in.

“What’s wrong?” The head demanded. Then, the head heard some thing breathe from behind a bookshelf. The head went to have a look. Jonathon clicked his fingers and he and Maranda became invisible.

“Sorry Mrs. Pineapple! The cat in this book turned into a bat!

“Ridiculous!” Mrs. Pineapple walked out of the room.

Chapter four: Tyler Sausages

Tyler Sausages was the school bully. No one ever dare make fun of him, or tell of him. He was horrible! Jonathon and Maranda wanted revenge. The chance soon came. They were talking about stuff and then they spotted an argument between Francesco and Tyler. They were arguing about who would be the first to achieve the P.E. goal. To fly in the air for more than a minute.

“You want to fly Tyler,” whispered Jonathon, “then you can!” Jonathon’s eyes went pure red. So did Tyler’s! Then Tyler lifted off the ground! “What’s happening to me?!!” Tyler screamed. Then, Jonathon made Tyler’s trousers fall down so everyone could see his pants! He had Thomas and friends pants! Every one else ‘(not the teachers) laughed! Mrs. Grape ran up to the scene.

“Tyler get down this instant!” she shouted! Tyler was in the air for the rest of the day, his eyes still red. When he went through his front door, he landed. Later on in the day, Tyler went out to meet his friends over the road. The moment he went through his front door, he started floating in the air. Jonathon’s spell meant that Tyler could only walk on the ground inside a building! Tyler was a laughing-stock for a week until Jonathon got bored with it and reversed the spell.

Chapter five: Mr. Hipp does the split: The banana way!

Mr. Hipp was the school care taker. He was sweeping the lunch hall when Maranda walked past. Mr. Hipp grabbed Maranda.

“What’s that behind your back?” He asked seriously. He got no reply.

“Tell me!” Mr. Hipp asked. He then pulled a doll out of Maranda’s hands which were behind her back. So, Mr. Hipp took Maranda to Mrs. Pineapple.

“This girl was playing with dolls!” Mr. Hipp said in the office. Jonathon walked by and saw the situation.

“Thank you Mr. Hipp” Mrs. Pineapple said as Mr. Hipp put his coat on. This was Jonathon’s chance to prank Mr. Hipp and make them both forget about the finding. Jonathon whispered , “Banana!”

Mr. Hipp’s coat turned into a banana skin. A giant one. It was so big that Mr. Hipp was trapped inside! Mrs. Pineapple went to help Mr. Hipp get out as Maranda ran up to Jonathon.

“Cow” Jonathon whispered and Mr. Hipp’s coat was made out of cow skin.

“ARRHGHGH! Get this off of me! I’m a Vegan!” Mr. Hipp was screaming and shouting and panicking.

“Lunatic” Jonathon whispered and Mrs. Pineapple went mad! Jonathon and Maranda looked at each other, giggled and ran off.

Chapter six: The assembly

Mrs. Pineapple wanted ro prove that some one had toys in the school. She called every single person that had ever stepped foot in the building into an assembly in the hall.

“Some one has toys in this school! You know it’s against the system. I don’t want to hear “I forgot they were there!” or “I dropped them in there be accident just as we were leaving!” when Mr. Hipp rips open all of your bags to look for the toys!” Mrs. Pineapple screamed across the crowded room. All the children gulped, coughed or just put a scared expression on their faces. They didn’t want their bags to be ripped open!

“Mr. Hipp, you know what to do! Once the bags are done, rip open lunch boxes, books, models, any thing until you find those toys! We might even have to search up girls skirts and down boys trousers to find them! Just find them!” Mrs. Pineapple screamed.

Chapter seven: The ripping of the bags

Mr. Hipp  got a knife out of his pocket and plunged it into a school bag with Hello Kity on. He then sliced the fron of it open and pulled every thing out. He then cut open the lunch box, pencil case and book bag. Nothing to do with toys what so ever. He was making his way along when he finally reached Maranda’s bag. Maranda opened her eyes as wide as she could. Jonathon who was sat at the other end of the room with his parents didn’t see this. Mr. Hipp cut a long slit down the front of the bag and Polly in my Pocket dolls and Dr. Who action figures poured out.

“So it it you!” Mrs. Pineapple discovered. Mr. Hipp dragged Maranda to the stage and sat her in a chair. Mrs. Pineapple tied her to the chair. Maranda’s parent raced up but Mr. Hipp just killed them with his knife.

Jonathon got his powers ready. He shot some lightning at the rope and Maranda was freed. Mrs. Pineapple’s head became a gorilla’s head! Mr. Hipp found himself eating sausages! He tried as hard as he could but he couldn’t stop eating the meat. Maranda’s parent came to life and every one ran away from the building as fast a they could. They were all out side except for Tyler Sausages, Mr. Hipp and Mrs. Pineapple!

Chapter eight: The last part of the spell

The three people inside the building started floating in mid air. They all zoomed into a massive light and the whole building exploded. Three heads came flying from the rubble. One was a eating suasages, one was a gorilla head, and the other was a bully’s.

No one bothered to rebuild the school ever again, except for one little man whose name was not known. Once the school re opened, the man became head of the school. Every one suddenly knew his name, for it was Mr. Pineapple.

The end