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Episode Guide!

28 Jan


I am going to make an episode guide of all the stories! All the dates and titles, will be there!

Sorry the Episode Guide will come as soon as Possible! I was on Microsoft Word, and then it came out of it and Shut down! 🙂



26 Jan

New Theme!

23 Jan

Hello Fans!
We have got a new theme! Cool huh?

Fluffy’s hotel newsletter 2!!!!!!

21 Jan

Who had a good chat! In fact, who took part in my day out?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???!! I will be visiting again soooooooooooon! Please reply to this letter!


Well done to Maisy Taylor! You are succesfuly a Fluffy’s hotel member!


Looking foward?

18 Jan

Are you looking forward to day out with Fluffy’s hotel and day out with zachary plotter?

Days out!

18 Jan

There is going to be a day with Zachary Plotter on saturday, Right on this website! For more information please go to

Also, there is a day out with Fluffy’s hotel on Friday too!

Fluffy’s Hotel newsletter!

15 Jan

Hello! Fluffy here! Here is the news for my hotel!

Fluffy’s hotel opens 2nd January! Please come to stay! Posh rooms, rooms fit for the royal, and even rooms fit for a Tudor! Fluffy.

The next Fluffy’s hotel will be coming your way in March!

That’s all the latest! Bye!

15 Jan

Get your own Poll!

Good luck Katie

13 Jan

Katie is going to the house of parlement today! Good luck!


12 Jan

Sighn up here to become a Fluffy’s hotel or Zachary member. As a Zachary Plotter memeber, you will get exlusive magazines and facts sent straight to you by Katie or me. As a Fluffy’s hotel member, you can get  more han 1 Fluffy’s hotel! Sign here and you’re a member!