Lottie Fremington

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Lottie Fremington and the operation of doom

When a boy goes missing at the Basingstoke hospital, it’s up to Lottie to investigate the mystery but who is following her? It can either be the police or the villan…


Hello. My name is Lottie Fremington. I am currently sitting at a table in heaven. Here I have God next to me and he and I are going to tell you the reason why. So, it all began with a bit of this:

My mum laid beside my dad at the busy hospital. She felt quite calm. Well she tried to keep calm for she felt scared on the inside. Eventually, my mum saw some thing she couldn’t believe but she was still worried. Although I had been born, I had come out feet first! My brother was starting to come out but my mum was feeling emotional. When my brother was half way out, my mum collapsed and died. Unfortunately, my brother died too.

Right, I shall hand over to my mum and she knows the story because she watched it from heaven.

Well, 18 years later…

The date was 16.7.57 and Lottie was in her car on her way to work. As she drove past some she saw strange people on the path, she couldn’t help lowering her window and pulling up beside them to see what was going on…



…she couldn’t help lowering her window and pulling up beside them to see what was going on.

“Hello, sorry to disturb you but what’s going on here?” she said. There were 3 men. The 1st man wore a pair of tights (black ones) with red high heels and he had put golden glitter on silver paper which he had stuck on them. He wore a smart green suit with jewels on. He also had a red cape, a ruff and a bowler hat. The next man wore the same as the first but had no cape, very long hair (which probably explains why he had 5 pony tales) and a massive ruff. The 3rd wore plain blue jeans, a plain white t-shirt and adult sized 10 shoes when his feet were about size 3.5. His pants started to show at the back because he had not put them on. Just hanging out the back. The 1st man stepped forth.

“Have you heard about Halton? Works at the Basingstoke hospital.” The 2nd said

“He murdered my son and my son’s son and his son and his son’s daughter!”

Secretly, the 3rd man had climbed on top of the car.

The 2nd man continued:

“I had a dad” then the 1st man pushed him out of the way.

“Thank you very much, um, where does this Halton work exactly?” Lottie asked