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Events until the story festival

29 Jul

You may or may not have noticed that some things on this site are coming off line! This is because we are getting ready for the close down. On the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th August, we will be starting a count down and there will only be Fluffy’s Hotel, Zachary Plotter, and The English French Men up on the site! The close down will then go from 5th August until 15th September. The following three days will be the ReOpen Party will a completley NEW system for the website. There are some things we will be saying goodbye to for good, but the good news is that their replacments are fresh, ALL NEW and excitingly wonderful!

On 9th November, it’s mattyeaheyaheyah’s birthday, so we will be holding a Fluffy Day Out as soon as possable, since 9th November is on a Wednesday. Then it’s Katzoo23’s birthday, but we don’t know what she wants to do to celebrate!

Then we are planning some murder mystery weeks, Fluffy Weekends, Zachary days and a new event after our new years day party and then it’s The Story Festival Of 2012 on 23rd June!

(During Christmas, the site will have a Christmas theme but that is it! We don’t really need to bother because every one will be with thier family!)

Mr. Magician- There’s still a chance to read it!

29 Jul

Mr. Magician is moved to OUR STORIES FRANCE, so there is still a chance to read it! But in en French!



29 Jul

OUR STORIES FRANCE is now up and running! Visit!


29 Jul myspace graphic comments


28 Jul

There are increasing spam comments popping up on our website, and we will not tolerate it any more! We have contacted WordPress support about this and they are yet to reply,

Katie and Matthew

Hampshire Schools!

27 Jul

For some Hampshire Schools, it is now the last day of school! Until September of course!

Maranda’s Toys and Maranda’s Toys 2

23 Jul

Hello people of the world! I have just finished Maranda’s Toys and are planning a second! Make sure you check it out!

Sorry about that!

22 Jul

Sorry about the 2 minutes closure1 I had to take the site off-line for a minute to get rid off an annoying pop up! Now, during the six week close down, you can email to request access to this website! We only have room for 35 people so be quick!

Story Festival Date DECIDED!

19 Jul

The Story Festival is now definatley on 23rd June 2012! Keep coming back for the latest updates!

Latest news on story festival: Story Festival Tickets Out On 3rd August

Back again!

19 Jul

Sorry i have not been posting for a while, i have been really buzy! Hope matthew has been keeping you well informed! Well im back, ill try and to post more!