George,The Angels And The Goblins

George was a sick boy in bed. He was having terrible nightmares and then, a strange glow appeared in his room. He woke up with excitement wondering what it could be and then infront of his very own eyes he saw angels. They softly whispered “do not worry George we have come to help you find a magical potion to cure your strange illness”. So George got out of bed and the angels gave him magic star dust so it could make him fly.

They flew for miles and miles, they had to climb up deadly volcanos, fly over citys, even swim under the sea until they finally got there. But…

GGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What’s this goblins! They had a huge battle with guns and swords that went on for hours and hours and hours. Some of the angels died some of the goblins died but they still went on then the angels escaped into an old mine which is where they were supposed to be to collect all the ingredients.

Then when they collected all the ingredients George took the medicine no-one was ill and they all lived happilly ever.

The End.