5 Apr

Since we’re so near the festival, here’s a quick advert on how to get involved:



On 23rd June 2012, visit www.xat.com/Stories_BoX  with your code so we can give you the password to Our Stories where the festival is! Don’t miss competitions, raffle, first ever Our Stories videos and more! See below for full list of activities.


Is there a price?

No! But you will need tickets containing a password to get onto the website, so don’t show any one! You can win tickets on the The Our Stories EXCLUSIVE competitions. If you miss these chances, you can easily purchase tickets at www.lovelocos.wordpress.com from Wednesday 3rd August 2011.


What are the activities?

Video’s – Confirmed

Links – Confirmed


Stories – Confirmed

Raffle – Finding Prizes

Competitions – Finding Prizes

Poems – Confirmed

Celebrations – Confirmed

Parties – Confirmed

Fluffy’s Chaotic Show – In the process of being filmed

LIVE Football – To be confirmed

Tennis – To be confirmed

News Report – Comedy – In the Process of being filmed

Play Chess with mattyeahyeahyeah – Confirmed

Quizzes – Confirmed

Records – To be confirmed

And if you email ourstoreis@groups.live.com you can ask us to put up something for you!


So come along and visit www.storiessforsuperkids.worpress.com and get involved! Please do tell your friends to make this a huge event!

 Tickets are avaliable at www.lovelocos.wordpress.com with extra to be one in future events!


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