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Happy Easter!

6 Apr

Merry Easter everybody! Have a good one!

Fluffy’s Hotel movies

17 Jun

Fluffy’s Hotel is now being produced into a film by Chicken Geyzar Productions. Click here for more information on the show and more from CGP –


5 Apr

Since we’re so near the festival, here’s a quick advert on how to get involved:



On 23rd June 2012, visit  with your code so we can give you the password to Our Stories where the festival is! Don’t miss competitions, raffle, first ever Our Stories videos and more! See below for full list of activities.


Is there a price?

No! But you will need tickets containing a password to get onto the website, so don’t show any one! You can win tickets on the The Our Stories EXCLUSIVE competitions. If you miss these chances, you can easily purchase tickets at from Wednesday 3rd August 2011.


What are the activities?

Video’s – Confirmed

Links – Confirmed


Stories – Confirmed

Raffle – Finding Prizes

Competitions – Finding Prizes

Poems – Confirmed

Celebrations – Confirmed

Parties – Confirmed

Fluffy’s Chaotic Show – In the process of being filmed

LIVE Football – To be confirmed

Tennis – To be confirmed

News Report – Comedy – In the Process of being filmed

Play Chess with mattyeahyeahyeah – Confirmed

Quizzes – Confirmed

Records – To be confirmed

And if you email you can ask us to put up something for you!


So come along and visit and get involved! Please do tell your friends to make this a huge event!

 Tickets are avaliable at with extra to be one in future events!


18 Feb

Hello world! Today is the BIG BUNNY PARTY! Enjoy EXTRA Fluffy’s Hotel, chats with favourite characters and more! For members, meet Mr. Chocolates! Enjoy the day!


16 Feb

Attention all Fluffy’s Hotel fans! As you know a Big Bunny Party for 12th February was planned but was unfortunately cancelled. As a sincere apology, we are holding one on Friday 18th February! Don’t miss it! Oh, and happy Valentines Day!.

Click here for a Valentine Story!

Fluffy’s Hotel as a Sitcom!

13 Feb

Fluffy’s Hotel episode The Pilot Episode is coming to our screens, being watched by a live audience! Keep watching this page for more!


25 Jan

Listen up everyone! We are launching a new competition, and it is a really fun one! All you have to do is design a booby trap to be used in one of the Maranda’s Toys stories. You can present it in any way you like as long as it is in by Febrauary 29th 2012.  The winning trap will be videoed, used in the story and the designer will get a mystery goodie! Two runners up will get a random party bag object. For more information, email


25 Jan

Hello OUR SOTIRES ENGLAND! This site now has its own radio! There is a new broadcast every fortnight and don’t forget to tune in! Every broadcast there is also a new ride at theme park opening! The next one is: LOST HEAD

Happy New Year!

1 Jan

Happy New Year OUR STORIES ENGLAND viewers! 2012 is going to be packed with wonderful events such as the Olympics, the Story Festival, the extra day of the year and more! Head to the events page and Santa Bookings for full details. All of the members will now need to renwew their membership, avaliable FREE until February! New members are also welcome! Upgrade Point Two will be avaliable halfway through the year and we can now reveal what it lets you do! Give you power to: Change the background, change the theme, upload pictures to the gallery and host your own Forum Quiz Nights! Remember, only £5 a month or £35 a year. Bank Notes Only. Also don’t miss Fluffy’s Big Bunny Parties, Murder Mysteries, Forum Quiz Nights, Zachary Plotter days and a new mytery event which will be revealed soon.


13 Dec

Happy Birthday OUR SOTIRES ENGLAND! It’s now the Chat Box Quiz Night! Head to the Forums page and click Click Here!