The Quest of a Brave Boy

Hello guys! Another story from Matthew and Katie about an adventurer , and a beast! Enjoy part one! Part Two is coming next week!

23rd March, 2506…
Jason, an average 30 year old man, took another step up the slimy Niagara Falls. The piercing rocks were scaring his exhausted hands. The sound of crashing water filled Jason’s struggling to cope ears as he hauled himself on to another rock. Unfortunately, the worst of the climb was about to come. Getting on to the coarse rocks lat laid at the top. Worrying about the danger he was in, Jason took a deep breath and scrambled to the apex. Lying on his tender back, Jason, breathing heavily, remembered the time when he had bravely accepted the challenge.

Oil had been completely used up. Not a drop left. However, scientists had discovered that a stone named Craithe could be liquidized and mixed with certain hygiene solutions could power any diesel engines. Jason McNargit was the bravest, boldest man in the British Army, and when Colonel Shrout had informed him that more Craithe was needed, he had courageously volunteered. And so here he was. His beryl eyes were praying for sleep. His grubby hazelnut hair was interfering with his sight even more. His drenched clothes were merely rags. Jason was usually cheeky one minute and then suddenly serious the very next, but now he was alone. Sally Pualthin died of an infected mosquito bite a day or so ago. Percy Helton fell down a cliff a week or so ago. Abel Greenway was torn apart by piranhas and Jonathon States had to stay behind because of the flu.

A loud eagle or something snapped Jason about his flashback. He could not procrastinate this moment any longer. It was time to enter the cave of Craithe. Legend has it that a foul beast guards its precious rocks, and kills anyone it meets. Jason could already hear its monstrous cries from inside the extensive passages, and making his way over, the entire picture was revealed. It was a truly terrorizing, petrifying and ghastly creature.