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13 Dec

Happy Birthday OUR SOTIRES ENGLAND! It’s now the Chat Box Quiz Night! Head to the Forums page and click Click Here!

Tomorrow’s the day…

12 Dec

Who’s looking foward to OUR SOTIRES ENGLAND’s birthday? We are! To celebrate, we’re holding a Chat Box Quiz Night! You know the drill! It’s on 13th December 2011 6:00pm-6:45pm

8 days to a very special Birthday!

5 Dec

The date is the 13th December 2010. A boy named Matthew, and a girl named Katie, meet up and create OUR STORIES ENGLAND! Now with only eight days to go, plans for wonerful celebrations have begun! Fluffy’s Hotel for all those comedy lovers, a raffle, games everywhere, you name it! Check the weekend post for more!

Stardoll Link Back

5 Dec

Hello! Here is a link to the best ever site- apart from ours! dress up

Zachary Plotter’s Likes and Dislikes

3 Dec

“Velcome to Zachary Place! I hear it right you vish to be asking some quvestions. Very vell. I tell you only my likes and dislikes. I like footbool, I like good music, I like vine, all sorts of sings! I tell you what I do not like though, I don’t like Maisy my maid. She’s just tried to escape from me, she does hate me! Now you will be goingz out of zis place! Out! Oh, and merry Christmas!”