Zachary Plotter


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Hello Guys! This is our latest story! ( suitable for children 7+)

 Zachary Plotter and the creature from @#!*%

Zachary’s maid Maisy escapes to stop a terrifying creature from @#!*% with help from the army. Zachary must find her before she gets the army and SAS to destroy the creature, the police find him and the world is destroyed…

‘4 stars’ Matthew Salmon. ‘Cool’ Zachary Charman ‘Wicked’ Jason Quilliam

 Chapter one: The escape plan ruined

November 23rd, London 2010…

The last thing Zachary wanted was to be found by the beastly thing that puffed out thick, black smoke so that no one could see it. Zachary was not scared of snakes or death, neither did he like his parents. But only 1 thing scared him. This… what ever it is, was truly terrifying. Zachary was walking home along a baron road. He was finally at home. Bang! Thud! Crash! He’d walked into Maisy and Maisy fell over and made a glass fall from the cramped shelf. Zachary pulled his un blown up balloons out of his top hat followed by a rabbit toy, playing cards and a magic wand.

“Sorry sir” said Maisy picking herself up “I was going out to… er”

She paused for a moment. “…to get some cheese in the shops.”

“Got some on the way here.” muttered Zachary holding up the bright cheese.

Maisy watched Zachary as he went up the stairs. Maisy annoyingly followed him.

The council leader sat down at the table.

“I saw the other day some one talking to the beast” he said “Then, it said yes and did what it was told!”

“Who do you think it was? And why?” said another.

“We’ll just have to wait and see” said a voice. It came from the door way. From out of the shadows, Abel appeared.

“I thought you were on holiday!” said Harrison.

“The flight was cancelled because that beast and some one else turned up.”

Clue Found! Dr. Evil-Smelly-Eggs is pretending to be the boss at sony!

Abel told the others who it was.

“And if you don’t believe me,” he said, “I’ll prove it.”

Zachary had the latest computer technology, windows seven. It had a black border and it had a picture of a lion on it. Maisy needed to escape to do… was it good or was it bad things she needed to do. Her first escape plan included the computer. The next day, Maisy crept down the staircase and checked that Zachary was going out on the 23rd of November. Yes he was. What is today’s date? 23rd October. A month to go. Now, all she had to do is to make sure she found some excuse to not going out with him, find out the computer code and order online a spade.

On the night of the 22nd of November, Maisy crept down stairs and hid Zachary’s magic kit in the washing basket with all the pants and knickers. That night, a terrible storm flooded the town. Tree’s creaked and groaned and one tree’s trunk snapped and vanished into the darkness. The tree flew of until it landed on top of the town hall. In the morning, Maisy quickly turned on the computer. What was the password? Baked beans? I love Chelsea football team? I adore underwear? Bed? She typed in the letters on the key board. It logged her on. She quickly clicked internet.

“Result” she whispered once she had finished ordering the spade. Maisy quickly turned off just as Zachary woke up. She went into his room.

“Where have you been?” Zachary asked causously. Just then the telephone rang.

Maisy handed it over to him. Zachary and the man had a chat on the phone. Finally, he put the phone down.

“Bad news I’m afraid. The hall I was performing in has been destroyed by a tree” he said sadly. Maisy felt the punishment of the spade delivery running through her body already. But what was it going to be? Maisy could think of nothing else but her dreadful… Bing bong! went the door bell. Zachary walked slowly to the door wondering who it was. He opened the door and all Maisy could do was watch in fear…

“Hello I’m Alex. You ordered a spade.” said Alex.

“No I didn’t.” said Zackary.

“Well a Maisy Taylor did.” said Alex.

“Well she doesn’t it so you’d better give the money back and be gone with you!” shouted Zachary and he slammed the door closed. Now, the last person you’d ever want to be at this point was Maisy Taylor…

The shed in the garden was triple locked. First, you had 3 chances to guess a password and if you got it wrong, the lock would melt. Once you had done that, you had to name the Prime Minister that Rowan Atkinson went to school with. And then the final stage. Answer the trickiest question in five seconds. Maisy’s second plan was to steal the spade in there. Maisy crept outside while Zachary was in the toilet and found a big bit of slate. She banged it on a weak bit of the wooden shed and made a hole. She squeezed through and took the spade. Maisy then squeezed through the gap again and hid the spade in her maid room. She then ran back to the door of the toilet just as Zachary was coming out.

“Where have you been?” Zachary asked suspiciously.

“Up and down the door.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM” went Zachary and walked off with Maisy beside him.

“Stand there” ordered Zachary pointing to a wall with metal straps. Maisy stood by the straps. Zachary strapped Maisy’s legs and Hands to the wall. Zachary walked back to a cupboard. He took out a gun.

“This is my new punishment, the gun.” Zachary told Maisy calmly. Zachary stood back and positioned his gun. He shot at Maisy’s head. The bullet went though the wall just missing her forehead. Zachary did this to the hands and feet. His stripy green shirt almost blended in with the green wall. His jeans were obviously too big and his smart black hat was just 20th century. There was a knock at the door. Zachary opened the window and shouted

“Not now Daniel.” A figure called Daniel shouted back.

“If you refuse to pay me tomorrow or the day after that I will take all of your money out of the bank!”

“Which one? NatWest or my piggy bank?”

“NatWest you big idiot!” shouted Daniel and he left.

Zachary walked over to Maisy and unstrapped her.

“Now, call Tom and Roger and get them to unblock the toilet,” said Zachary, “someone’s shoved a whole load of batteries down it.”

 Chapter two: Blowing up things

Tom and Roger were famous for there toilet unblocking. PLUMBERS ALONE was there name. Tom and Roger had got into there red van and they were heading for Zachary’s house. The road was bustling with traffic. Eventually, they arrived. Zachary had been waiting outside for them. Meanwhile, Maisy was busy looking for a weak spot in the floor of the maid room. Yes! She’d found one! While Tom and Roger were unblocking the toilet, Maisy made her hole. Now to cover it. But how? She decided to leave a box over the gap. Which day could she escape? Zachary has a lie in on a Sunday. Today was Monday. She would just have to wait another week.

“Dismiss!” shouted Captain James to his army. Just then, a man from the office ran up to him.

“We and the SAS are needed to track down a beast with black smoke…”

“Yes I know the one. Tell Lauren, Izzy, Ethan, Jack, Jack Vallis, Luke, SAS Luke, SAS Daniel and SAS captain Louis in my office in ten minutes on the double.” ordered James and he walked in a building. Ten minutes later, they were in his office.

“Now, we have to destroy that beast on the loose. I want the SAS the fly over it and distract it. Then the army will surround it and then shoot it. Here’s the exact details and plan B.”

Green Matoto School is a 2 rated school. The pupils are very nice and so is the staff. 3 drunken men named Robin, Charlie and Oliver had completely lost it. They were going to blow up the school. On the day they had decided to go, they made their way down to the school with a bomb disguised as a rucksack.

“Hello, would you like tour around the school?” asked the receptionist. The room was very bright and it linked onto the library, school hall and the basement. There was another door that led into a corridor of corridors. There was a maths corridor, science corridor, literacy, P.S.H.E, R.E and more. Robin saw a layout of the school. The main maths room was in the middle…

“Can we see the main maths room please?” Robin asked.

“I’ll take you there if you like” said Cara passing by with Sian.

“Yes please” said Oliver.

“Come on then” said Charlie.

Robin, Charlie and Oliver knocked on the door of the classroom.

“Come in” said the teacher.

“I’m Robin” said Robin.

“I’m Oliver” said Oliver

“I’m Oliver” said Charlie.

“You’re Charlie” said Robin.

“Oh yeah, I forgot that” said Charlie dumbly.

Tanks left the Army base followed by tanks, tanks, tanks and solders. A small truck was at the back with Lauren and Izzy and their equipment in. A helicopter took off with Louis, Luke and Daniel onboard. They were ready with their crack kit and bold bravery. In a house a few miles away, Ellen, Louis’s wife, was watching the sky wondering what he was doing. She sighed. Robin and Charlie were watching a boy while Oliver was watching another boy.

“Charlie, hide the bag” whispered Robin.

“Charlie, hide the bag!” shouted Charlie.

“Don’t tell every people here. And you are Charlie” Robin told Charlie.

“Oh yeah, I forgot that” said Charlie. Charlie hid it on the boy he was watching’s head.

“That’s a rubbish hiding place.” Robin told Charlie.

“Oh yeah, I forgot that” said Charlie.

He took the bag off his head and placed it behind the door.

“I think it’s time we left” said Robin.

“Good bye” called the teacher.

Robin and Oliver left the room.

“Tell Charlie to hurry up” said Robin.

“Hurry up Charlie” said Charlie.

“You are Charlie” said Oliver.

“Oh yeah, I forgot that” said Charlie dumbly. Out side, the three men walked over to their baby’s peddle train. Robin got on and went off at about 0.4 miles per hour.

 Chapter three: Pet shop chaos!

There he was again, Bernie the dog was causing chaos as usual, you could not imagine!
George was handling all the quite shocked customers, while Katie was trying to catch Bernie and Francesca was looking for something to distract him in the stock cupboard! Suddenly, a whole stack of leaflets and flyers fell down and all the customers were enraged and left!

Still shouting, George called to the customers but they did not listen!
They just strolled out ignoring helpless calls. That only made Bernie madder! George went to help Katie and Francesca found a squeaky ball, at last! They tried that but it did not work!

Bernie backed away causing the fish tank behind fall onto the rabbits behind that, it was like dominos!

Francesca screamed, George shouted and Katie caught the tank just in time.

“Hurrah!” shouted George with joy but with a ting of despair, “What about our customers though?” he asked suddenly full of despair

Francesca picked up the stack of flyers and leaflets, which caused the customers to leave in the first place, not mentioning the pets.

“We have still got the other customers to deal with” stated George a bit annoyed about Francesca who truly did nothing but not do what everyone was focusing on.

“They might even go to the papers!” said squeamish Francesca, not helping things at all and just ignoring all said.

Then a customer, Miss Sweet, came in to the pet shop and started looking round the shop. George asked her what she was looking for.

“Oh just wanted to pop in to see if everything was going ok, I have heard some astonishing myths about this afternoon at this shop!” She said

“The whole city is going to hear about it!” Francesca whispered to Katie. Katie just ignored her and wanted to see what George said next.

Surprisingly, George was speechless as he was as talkative as Francesca.

 “Yes thing were a bit chaos today but we promise this won’t let the shop down” answered Katie for a change.

“Certainly” said Miss Sweet and walked out in a strange manner.

At least it was Sunday and nearly 5.00 which means closing time. Hastily, George shutdown the computer, Katie took the cages to the animal room,
Francesca, tided up a bit and that took the time to 5.00 but things had not been sorted out yet…

Chapter 4: Preparing to escape

Zachary was going to the park to see a football match while Maisy was being bored to death so she daydreamed of into a world of escaping plans.

Every time Zachary asked a question to him self, like “Are they going to score?”

Maisy said “yes they are, aren’t they!” just to make sure Zachary didn’t have any strange thoughts about Maisy escaping, just as she had in mind!

Maisy had started on the hole without any suspicion so far. Not even Zachary had gone to the shed to see if anyone had successfully broken in.

She was planning her next move, another distraction! Those batteries down the toilet one worked so her next one, rats in the sink! She hoped this one would work like the batteries one did.  Halfway through the boring footy match, Daniel turned up, with a slightly evil look on his face; Maisy looked up to find out what Daniel had to say. 

Listening, carefully, Maisy heard him say “Zachary, I have hired a highly professional robber to steal all your money from the Halifax bank near the McDonalds in the high street, I hope you wished you’d paid then and then to go on my miniature steam railway!”

“You fool” said Zachary, he was outraged as you could probably imagine.

Maisy thought for a moment about how her escape was working, maybe she did not need to go ahead with her distractions if Zachary was going to phone the police.

Zachary said “Maisy, get the phone. We’re going to the police station.” Therefore, Maisy got the phone out and called the police while Zachary chased Daniel. Maisy could only wonder what was going to happen next. 

Nobody noticed the chase apart from Maisy herself. As soon as the police were there, and while Zachary was explaining what had happened, Maisy sneakily went down to the pet shop and bought 10 rats and put them in a bag which she then hid in her coat.

As the police left with Daniel to catch the robber, Zachary and Maisy went home. Zachary went to grab a drink and then he saw 10 sniffing rats in the sink! Good work Maisy!

Zachary called to Maisy to get the pest control! As she went to examine the scene, Zachary backed away. She saw the rats and she took them out of the sink. “What?” said Maisy pretending to be puzzled.

 “Uh?” asked Zachary the one really puzzled. “Oh there were rats in the sink?”  Maisy put the rats back in the sink and went upstairs to puzzle Zachary even further, for fun, even though she knew it would get her into serious trouble…

 Chapter 5: Distractions

“This is your robber?” asked P.C. Plods.

“Yes” said Daniel, “His name’s Declan.” said Daniel.

Zachary was at the police station with Maisy at his side. They were watching every thing that was going on. Eventually, Daniel and Declan were taken away.

“Serves them right.” Zachary said so that only Maisy could hear.

“Shouldn’t we be getting back?” Maisy asked.

“Have I told you the tale of Perseus and the gorgon?” Zachary asked again quite quietly. Maisy shook her head.

“Perseus’ mother was kidnapped so he went searching for her. Then 2 gods appeared. They said they’d tell him where his mother was only if he killed Medusa the gorgon. Perseus said yes and the gods gave him a sword and a mirror. Perseus travelled until he met 3 witches that shared an eye and a nose. He snatched there eye and made them tell him were to go. He soon arrived at her lair and there was Medusa. Perseus protected him self from Medusa with the mirror and cut off Medusa’s head. Then, Athena appeared with Perseus’ mother and they all returned to Seriphos, there home.” Zachary told Maisy.

Meanwhile, Maisy had given a spare set of keys to Katie and she was now in the middle of hiding a decoy in the toilet. It was a young girl that looked like Maisy but she was called Lottie Mcready.

“Now, as soon as Maisy comes in, you have to listen very carefully to what she has to say. Good luck. Don’t make a sound.” Katie told Lottie. Katie managed to get outside just as Zachary and Maisy came round the corner. Inside, Maisy went straight to the toilet. 3 minutes later, out came Lottie.

“Right, I need you to clean the house, its filfy!” Katie had also sprinkled dust everywhere so while Lottie was hovering, Maisy could be digging.

Callum was late again. He had to hurry to the train station.

“All aboard!” called Salwexeya.

“Here we go!” said Sam the train driver. Callum ran from the station master’s office straight on to the platform. The engine was a steam train because the railway was having a steam team event.

“Stop!” he shouted but it was too late. The engine whistled at full volume and it rushed out of the station.

“There goes mon travail” he said irritated.

Lottie turned the hover on at full blast so Maisy could hear it. She crept into her maid room and started digging. Shortly, the hover stopped. Maisy kept very still. Suddenly, the hover started up again and it made Maisy jump. It made the earth above her fall down on top of her. Maisy kept her mouth and carried on. The hover turned off 2 minutes after Maisy thought she had finished. She quickly got out covered the hole and went back to the toilet. The pongy, stinking smell made Maisy want to leave her hiding place but she knew she couldn’t. Oh, have I not said where her hiding place was? It was on the cupboard under the sink.

Maisy soon felt hungry. She decided to wait untill Lottie came back. She didn’t. Eventually, the door opened. But who was it. Maisy’s tummy rumbled.

“Who’s in here?” said a man’s voice. It was Zachary’s. Maisy kept as still and as quiet as she could. Plop! Went the first bit of poop in to the toilet. Maisy couldn’t bear the situation she was in but she knew she had to. Then, she heard the toilet flush.

“I wonder where the toilet paper is.” said Zachary. Maisy couldn’t help noticing that the toilet paper bag was right next to her.

“I’ll go and get Maisy” said Zachary once again. To make things even worse, Maisy nearly said “I’m here!” she immediately covered her mouth and that made the toilet paper bag make a noise. Luckily, Zachary didn’t heir. Or did he…?

Maisy, trapped in the appalling cupboard, waited patiently for Lottie. It was getting late and Lottie still had not come. She decided to go to sleep in there. The next morning, Maisy crept into her room to find Lottie asleep. Luckily, it was escape day. Maisy went down stairs and with the spade, she got to the end. Maisy waited a minute to think were she would hide. Zachary knew she liked going to the pet shop to meet Katie, the market in the next town to see Callum, the school to see the children, Jason down the road and the park. Meanwhile, Zachary had woken Lottie up and she was making breakfast. Maisy could somehow smell the toast and the bacon. She needed more time to think where to hide too. Her tummy rumbled. Somehow, Zachary heard the rumble.

“What was that rumbling sound?” asked Zachary suspiciously, “it’s not that beast is?”

“No, no I was just me” lied Lottie. Remember, Lottie is pretending to be Maisy. Maisy decided to go back. Shortly, she reached the hole. Suddenly, she had remembered that she had covered the hole. Now, Maisy didn’t know what time it was and she didn’t know when Zachary would be in the garden. Maisy also knew that Lottie had become the maid. This escape was not going to plan…

 Chapter six: The other side of the story

The hoover turned off.

“All done!” called Lottie, out of breath.

“Good work Maisy. You can start making the beds for our gests tonight.” said Zachary.

“What guests?” asked Lottie.

“Ellen is coming over for tea. Louis was coming to but he’s at war at the moment. Well, he’s on his way anyway.” replied Zachary.

“I see. Oh, oh yes I remember!” said Lottie.

“Oh no I haven’t told you about them.” Zachary said suspiciously. He walked off.

The council were discussing things with the army.

“So, you want us and the police to capture the person responsible. Yes?” asked Abel.

“That’s right!” said Captain James, “The police have all ready agreed to this as long as we give them a bottle of white wine. Any conditions?”

“Well I have always wanted an x-box 360, an Elvis CD, a Jackson 5 CD, a pet dog, the Doctor Who Adventures magazines, a fan, any top trumps, a ticket to Disney Land Paris, a new BBQ, a trumpet, Thomas the tank engine toys for my children and a years supply of ice cream.” said Abel gaping for breath.

“Jack Vallis, I need you!” shouted Captain James. Jack Vallis walked up to him.

“They will do it as long as Abel gets an x-box 360, an Elvis CD, a Jackson 5 CD, a pet dog, the Doctor Who Adventures magazines, a fan, any top trumps, a ticket to Disney Land Paris, a new BBQ, a trumpet, Thomas the tank engine toys for his children and a years supply of ice cream. Can we get them?” asked Captain James.

“Jack!” shouted Jack Vallis. Jack walked over.

“Yes.” he said.

“They will do it if Abel gets an x-box 360, an Elvis CD, a Jackson 5 CD, a pet dog, the Doctor Who Adventures magazines, a fan, any top trumps, a ticket to Disney Land Paris, a new BBQ, a trumpet, Thomas the tank engine toys for his children and a years supply of ice cream. Do we have an x-box 360, an Elvis CD, a Jackson 5 CD, a pet dog, the Doctor Who Adventures magazines, a fan, any top trumps, a ticket to Disney Land Paris, a new BBQ, a trumpet, Thomas the tank engine toys for his children and a years supply of ice cream?” Jack Vallis asked.

“The x-box 360, an Elvis CD, a Jackson 5 CD, a pet dog, the Doctor Who Adventures magazines, a fan, any top trumps, a ticket to Disney Land Paris, a new BBQ, a trumpet, Thomas the tank engine toys for his children and a years supply of ice cream can be delivered to him half of it this week, half of it next week.” said Jack.

“Captain James, Jack says that an x-box 360, an Elvis CD, a Jackson 5 CD, a pet dog, the Doctor Who Adventures magazines, a fan, any top trumps, a ticket to Disney Land Paris, a new BBQ, a trumpet, Thomas the tank engine toys for his children and a years supply of ice cream can be given to him during the next 2 weeks.” Jack Vallis told Captain James.

“Okay. I will tell him that.” James said.


“Yes Captain James”

“Half of the x-box 360, an Elvis CD, a Jackson 5 CD, a pet dog, the Doctor Who Adventures magazines, a fan, any top trumps, a ticket to Disney Land Paris, a new BBQ, a trumpet, Thomas the tank engine toys for your children and a years supply of ice cream can be delivered to this week and the other half of the x-box 360, an Elvis CD, a Jackson 5 CD, a pet dog, the Doctor Who Adventures magazines, a fan, any top trumps, a ticket to Disney Land Paris, a new BBQ, a trumpet, Thomas the tank engine toys for my children and a years supply of ice cream will be delivered to you next week. How does that sound?” asked Captain James.

“Okay!” agreed Abel, “We’ll go over and meet them now.”

That evening, Lottie waited by the door for Ellen. 15 minutes late. 20 minutes late. 30 minutes late. There she was! In her black, slim car, Ellen drove on to the drive.

“Sorry I was late; a car about a mile away slipped on some spilt oil and the road was blocked for 15 minutes. Then we got through and there was another accident. A horse truck’s horses just walked out the back and they all died. I was lucky to be in front of the second accident.

“Well why don’t you come inside. You are here for 1 or 2 nights” assumed Lottie.

“4 nights.” Ellen corrected Lottie, “What’s for dinner?”

“For you and Zachary, Sheppard’s pie. For me, yesterday’s left over curry.”

“Sounds nice.” commented Ellen. Inside, the three of them had their meal and went to bed. Zachary had a nightmare. It was about Maisy destroying the world with the beast. Zachary woke with a start and he knew he mustn’t let Maisy out of the house again unless with him. Lottie had a bad dream too. It was about her killing everyone she knew.

She woke with a start. She knew this would never happen. Or would it…?

 Chapter 7: Discovery of the hole in the shed

These nightmares meant something both Lottie & Zachary knew, dreams never come true but nightmares can.

In the pitch black, Maisy waited until it was sunrise. Though, she was free of Zachary’s commands and his rules, she could not talk to anyone or even look at anything apart from the hard cold muddy concrete. Wiping her forehead, she yawned and closed her eyes, but of course, she would not be able to go to sleep. Sleepy and slumberous, exhausted and somnolent, she lied down and amazingly and quickly went to sleep, with her spade still in her red hand, determined.

Maisy woke up to a start as she noticed the mud that she had already dug was crashing down on her back like hardback books precipitating on her. Coughing and spluttering, Maisy protected her self with the spade like a shield, inhaling dust and sand as she scrambled around in pain and panic. Thinking this was the worse thing that could happen to her, she found the torch she had kept in her pocket and before she started digging she vowed she would only use it in emergences in case it ran out of batteries. This was an emergency! She turned it on and started digging again but with her hands like the foxes in Fantastic Mr Fox book but even more frantic because she was in a situation where there is no way back, but the foxes had a choice. However Maisy didn’t. If she would fall to her death, it would be a slow and painful death. The foxes however would have an instant death, much less painful. Everyone she knew would be happier than her, even though she knew people would be having a harder time, apart from Zachary. Katie would be working hard at the pet shop; Lottie would become Zachary’s maid! So, that’s it, she’s worse off than anyone. But why her?

Zachary was ordering Lottie around.

“The dishes are disgraceful! Go and do the washing! The flowers are wilting by the TV!” That was what Lottie was expecting as she was only a beginner at dealing with Zachary Plotter. Obeying his commands, Lottie shot off to work, with her tummy rumbling, as she did not eat the revolting curry, or cold mince from the Sheppard’s pie. Zachary then wondered off to the garden, immediately noticing something different about the shed. He looked round quite suspicious and saw a hole in the fence! Who could possibly do this? Maisy of course! He asked Lottie while she was doing the dishes again. She did not know, all she knew was Maisy had a spade. That made her seem to Zachary innocent, but who was it?

Meanwhile, in the deadly hole where Maisy was fighting to live, still exhausted, but she had this technique, she put the nearly life saving spade diagonally across the section the earth was falling from and that caught the soil. She thought she had gone down deep enough so she could start going along to actually escape. That would make the soil stop crashing down on her and stay there! Yes, that was a solution! Maisy thought she would have to start with her hands to get the soil to stay. Taking a few long breaths Maisy started digging less frantic, to her side. The torch was still on, just incasing it all goes wrong and it did…

Zachary was on the hole in the shed case, not at all noticing Maisy’s (well Lottie’s) weird behaviour.

“This is part of a plan” Zachary said out loud staring hard at Lottie.

“Mm, who could do such a thing” Lottie said incase Zachary thought it was her.

“It’s a mystery id better talk to Ellen see if she knows anything” said Zachary walking inside and up the stairs. Who was it?

 Chapter 8: Don’t go

Who Could? Meanwhile, in the chaotic pet shop, Katie was thinking about Maisy, Absent-mindedly. Why hadn’t she called, or even left a message with Lottie? Why doesn’t Katie just go and check? That’s exactly what she did.

In the winters sun, Katie strolled to Zachary’s huge mansion, during her Lunch break, she was Worried, anxious and Fearful for Maisy. After a while, Katie could see the mansion in the distance, and the closer she got, she felt more fearful. As she crept closer and closer, Katie thought about what would happen is Zachary caught her. Eventually, Katie was there. Breathing in, Katie got to work on the secret way in Maisy had taught her. Through the back gate, round the shed, down the secret forest and up the fence, then in the window, this takes you to the storage cupboard. Then, from there, you take the long corridor untill you see the blue door, and that’s Maisy’s room, where she started the hole. Suddenly, she heard footsteps, coming closer and closer! She hid behind the curtains, frightened. However, it was only Lottie. Pew!

Whispering, Katie told Lottie about the secret entrance, about seeing Maisy, about the footsteps, about everything. Lottie soon had to rush off to work, so Katie was stuck by herself, to find Maisy. She could hear another set of footsteps, but this time she wasn’t scared, she just thought it was Lottie rushing about, doing her chores. This was different though, it was coming towards the door, maybe just Lottie going to the storage room. Still, these footsteps were brisk and heavy not at all like Lottie. They were like Zachary Plotter! Oh no!!! No window to escape, nowhere to hide, nothing!  A Clomp! Clomp! Clomp! sound was coming louder and louder, until the door handle turned. It was Zachary! Creaking, the door opened slowly, making it more intense. Closing her eyes and wishing she was elsewhere, she curled up into a ball, silent. At first, Zachary did not notice the hole and thought Katie was Maisy! “Maisy what are you doing!” Roared Zachary. Quite Quickly, Lottie scuttled up and squealed “Here I am!” Then she saw Katie and quickly clamped her hand round her mouth, noticing what she had done.

Zachary was Mad! “How did you get in here??!! Oh I know, your Katie, Maisy’s vile little friend! What’s this hole for?!  Maisy, do you know anything?” Frantic, Zachary roared even louder, until even Ellen on the other side of the building could hear. “Keep it down Zachary!” Ellen shouted at the top of her voice. Zachary still went on and on, neither Lottie nor Katie answered, not daring to move or speak. Unexpectedly, Katie blurted out everything about Maisy about Lottie, about the hole, everything! Katie then started crying and ran out.

Oh no oh no! She had fallen in Zachary’s trap and now she was going to be cursed, forever! She had been gone hours! Her lunch break was only 45 minutes! Francesca was going to fire her, not George. Her life was in ruins, but what could be done?

Chapter 9: The market and the man

Jason was going to market to buy some food for a picnic. The road was bustling with activity. Cars every where were beeping and honking.

“Good God, I’ll never get to the market now!”

In the pet shop office, Francesca was about to tell George and Katie who was going to be fired.

“It was a very hard decision to be honest, and I’m afraid…” The room filled with tension.

“Katie, you’re staying”

“Thank you Francesca” Katie thanked, “bad luck George.”

At the market, Jason first headed off to his good friend Katie A. Katie A owned the stall that sold fruit.

“Hello Jason, can I get you anything?” Katie A asked.

“Just a bunch or two of bananas and a dragon fruit please” Jason said. Katie A weighed the fruit and put them into a bag.

“That’ll be £1.45 please.” Jason handed Katie A the money. Katie A took the 5 pound note and gave him the change. Next, he needed some bread. He went over to Megan’s stall.

“Two baguettes please” he said.

“Four carton’s of orange juice please” he said to Ben.

“Four chocolate muffins please” he said to Abi.

“A packet of cheese, a packet of butter and 5 strip’s of ham please” he said to Megan. He also needed to see Callum for basically crisps. When he got to the queue, he realised there was about a 56 minute wait because Callum was late.

“See you soon George” Katie said, shacking hands with George.

“Here’s Sue, your replacement George.” Francesca said when a taxi drove towards them. When it had stopped, Sue, every man’s women, stepped out and went over to Francesca. While Francesca and Katie were saying hello to Sue, George noticed a mysterious liquid coming from around the wall…

Finally, he’d got to the front of the queue.

“Four bags of any flavour except ready salted please.” Jason noticed that Callum had a big bruise on his head.

“How did that happen?” Jason asked pointing to the bruise.

“I missed my train and when the next one came, I bumped my head on the carriage.” Callum answered.

George went round the corner, and there, was a baby Ranque (a Ranque if you didn’t know is what that beast is) dribbling slime. George wanted to scream but he couldn’t make a sound. The creature was like a small red, skinny sight with a crocodile’s mouth. George bravely trod on it, tearing it into tiny pieces. Unaware of the danger, George picked up a bit slime and smelt it. The slime flew up his nose and George started shacking…

 Chapter 10: Who the Ranque?

“Who does The Ranque belong to?”  Jason asked his wife during their picnic.

“They say it belongs to a Maisy Taylor. Maisy tries to escape but Zachary won’t let her for her own safety. Here’s your Elvis” Jason’s wife passed him an M P 3 Player.

“I love Elvis” said Jason.

“Yeah, we like already know!” said Jason’s son.

“What is going on?!” Zachary shouted for the millionth time. Lottie said nothing again. Zachary looked Lottie in the eye, making Lottie as scared as she’d ever been. She felt petrified, horrified, frightened, shaky, frightful, you name it!

“Alright I’ll talk!” she shouted.

“Gooooood” Zachary said. His cruel face became less cruel as he started pacing up and down the room, looking for something. He’d found it! Lottie squeezed her eyes so tightly that she almost made them fall off! When she opened her eyes, she saw a great big…well, what was it? It was sort off part water pistol, part flame thrower, part lazer and part giant plastic water bottle! It was brightly coloured apart from the buttons neatly arranged in a row on top which were black. The end of it was nasty looking too. It was a sort of knob that you could turn and different things would happen.

“I control this part off the sky with my Meetophwotomer”

“Bleep-pop-what a metre?” Lottie was confused.

“Do you want me to spell it out to you?” Zachary asked, “Because it’s meet-o-phwot-mer!” He slowly said. Lottie’s brain was every where. What on Earth was he going on about?

Lottie saw Zachary point the contraption out of the window. He turned the end. Lottie could just make out the setting it was on. The symbol was basically the sky with a sick man waling on the sky. Zachary pressed a button at the top of the Meetophwotomer. He then twisted another dial; Lottie hadn’t spotted this one, upon the trigger. Lottie peered out the window and she saw that Zachary was projecting everything going on in the room. Every one stared at the images as Zachary asked her half of the first question.

“What is y…?” The Meetophwotomer stopped projecting. Zachary immediately ran over to see why the gadget had failed.

Maisy was fast asleep inside the tunnel. She was trying to be as quiet as she could. As she wearily opened her eyes, Maisy could smell food. Her head rose, she sensed her favourite: Spaghetti. Lottie and Zachary had headed into the kitchen, and were eating it, but how could Maisy smell it from such a great distance? There was also another thing disastrous. When Ellen had come down stairs a couple of seconds after Zachary and Lottie had, Lottie realised her nightmare was coming true…

In her night mare, Ellen had come down with a gun behind her back. She secretly gave it to Lottie and when she had found it, she went and killed every one she knew. There was nothing she could do about it. Then, she realised another bit of her disastrous dreams; Zachary killed her afterwards. Lottie watched Ellen as she walked round the room.

“Drop the gun!” Lottie shouted. Lottie realised she shouldn’t of done that, the dream was coming to life for real!!!!!!!!!!!! In the next part of the terrible dream, Lottie noticed the gun on the back of her chair. Then, she would kill her loved ones before being blown up by Zachary. Instead, Lottie picked up the gun and said to Ellen “Ha!”

“What are you doing Maisy?” Zachary was furious. Oh no! His night mare was coming true too. What could he do? Suddenly, the only was of stopping his nightmare continuing was to sacrifice Maisy! Zachary Plotter called Louis on the telephone.

“Hello Louis? Yes, I need you here now. Now! Zachary Place. Yep.” He put the phone down. Ellen gave Zachary a half-smile. Bing! Bong! Zachary told Lottie to go and answer the door. Lottie walked through the dark corridor and towards the door of Zachary Place. As Lottie took a deep breath, she causously opened the door. It was Katie.

“SSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH” She had her index finger on her lips, “I need you to tell Maisy that there is a quicker route through the sewers that leads straight to Pet Palace, the pet shop I work at.” Katie handed her a piece of paper and a pizza menu. Katie winked at Lottie with her right eye and quickly ran off. Lottie hid the paper in her pocket and then went back to see Zachary and Ellen.

“It was just some old bloke trying to make us bye Domino’s pizza. That’s all. I suppose you want me to put it in the bin, yes?” Lottie had been told that Zachary hated pizza. Zachary gave Lottie a mean look. Lottie stared at Zachary while she put the pizza menu in the bin.

After that, Lottie went to see Maisy.

“Maisy, Maisy, it’s me, Lottie” Lottie kept her voice low as she crept through the stinking passage. Eventually, Lottie saw something move in the distance. Lottie crawled a little bit faster. She found Maisy, boiling hot, lying on the dirt. She was dirty, not to mention starving!

“Maisy, Katie gave me a map of the sewers and she found a path that led straight to Pet Palace. Got to go” Lottie gave Maisy a folded piece of paper and shuffled backwards. Maisy reached for the paper in front of her. She had been breathing in the dirt from the secret tunnel. Maisy unfolded the piece of paper. A lump or two of disgusting earth fell down, making a crumbling sound. Maisy’s eye’s widened. Lottie had given her the pizza menu. If she could, she would have called out for Lottie, but unfortunately, if she did, Zachary would hear her. Maisy wheezed and fell backwards so she was lying down again. About eleven lumps and a few small grains of dirt fell down and covered Maisy’s face…

Lottie had just covered up the hole with a big box and some blankets when Zachary, Louis and Ellen came in.

“This is my maid Maisy’s room” Zachary said, not noticing the box in front of him. Zachary fell over flat on his front and felt a soft blanket on his nose. Lottie stood up as the three of them stared at Zachary Plotter. Zachary got up and immediately looked at the hole. He saw earth crumbling, falling from the top.

“What is this for, hey?” Zachary asked pointing at Lottie.

“I wanted to see how earth reacted with water” she said, finding some dirt in her pocket and seeing a glass of water on the window sill. Lottie made her way to the glass and put let the muck run through her fingers and into the water.

“But this tunnel goes on for miles!” he said. Zachary thought he saw a body move their leg slightly, but then he thought he was just seeing things.

Then, Zachary remembered something. There was a hole in the shed. Of course! She only wanted a spade to dig this tunnel for her experiments.

“Sorry for shooting at you, Maisy” Zachary Put the box over the hole and carried on talking. While this conversation had been going on, Louis and Ellen were talking.

“Ellen my sweet, shall we…?” Louis and Ellen hugged each other, putting their hands all over the other one. They then kissed on the lips.

In the kitchen, Zachary whispered something in Louis’ ear. Louis nodded and walked off to find Lottie. He found her in Maisy’s maid room. Lottie was staring at the box that was covering the hole, thinking of Lottie. Louis got out his gun. It has a silencer so that Zachary and Ellen couldn’t hear the gunfire. Ellen thought she heard a faint scream. She looked round at the door way. Just the darkness of the corridor. Ellen turned back to face the table. Louis was looking for somewhere to put Lottie’s body. He moved the box about a metre away from the hole. He then threw Lottie inside and covered the hole up again.

When Louis had returned, Ellen quickly put her hand on his chair.

“Where did you go?” She had a cross and nasty face.

“To the loo.” Louis looked and sounded scared.

“Sorted then init!” Ellen was all cheerful and happy.

In the tunnel, more soot fell down and covered Lottie’s face. The noise of the box being moved had woken Maisy. After inhaling more dust, Maisy went to see what had happened. Lottie was dead. Oh no! Now there was no one to deliver her messages. Before Maisy heard her tummy rumble, she shuffled back to where she had been before. Alone, unwell, starving and unable to make a sound, Maisy sat in the dirty tunnel, waiting for the right moment…

 Chapter 11: The great moment

The next morning, Zachary was running down the stairs to make his breakfast. Since he had never made breakfast before, guess what?

Jam flew everywhere!  Bacon flew everywhere! Butter flew everywhere! And the toast? Yep! It kind of got – well – squashed!

Eventually, Zachary sat down at the messiest table in the universe, even aliens couldn’t get messier! Zachary bit into his repulsive toast and he shouted “YUCK!” at the top of his voice, which woke Maisy up in some way.


Maisy was gasping for air! Imagine being stuck in a tunnel, with hardly any air, food or drink! Anyway, Maisy was thinking when she should break through!  Now? In an hour? 5 seconds ago?  It was hard to decide. In the end she decided to wait 20 hard-going minutes and then make a move.


Zachary swallowed the last of his horrid, ghastly and sickening toast and looked around. He just couldn’t look at the dire unpleasant mess he had made.

“Better start cleaning it up!” Zachary said, climbing out of his chair, “Maisy isn’t around any more so I need to find a new maid. I’ll go to Poppy’s!”


Poppy was Zachary’s solicitor. She had jade, twinkling and calming eyes with shady blond hair that, in a classy manner, fell onto her face. She had exactly 103 of her face and was just so charming. Anyway, back to the story.


Zachary opened the door of the solicitors. He went up to the reception desk.

“Ahh! Johnary! I suppose you’ll be wanting Poppy!” assumed the women at the reception desk.


“Yes please! Have you heard from my brother Zachary Plotter? It’s been said that he robbed the bank yesterday! It wasn’t him though because I was with him all day yesterday!” Zachary said.


The channel was about half a mile long. Dirt and earth was falling down every where. Maisy got out a telescope and poked it through the soil above her. She was at the spot where she was going to break through and escape. She saw darkness.

“Night already?” Maisy choked, “My watch says it is one in the morning! Must be slow!”


Poppy and Zachary were talking in room 3. They had just finished their conversation.

“Thank you Poppy!” Zachary said, getting up and pushing the chair in. Poppy copied.

“You are very welcome Johnary! See you soon!” Poppy said, staying in room 3. Zachary walked out of the building and into his car. Zachary started the engines. Well he meant to but instead he put the breaks on. He then put the hazard lights on and started up the window wipers. After about five minutes of catastrophe on the road, he made it home.


He made then cleaned up his place and put a sign in the window.


He then sat down. He hadn’t put the jam away. It was still in it’s pot on the table.

Chapter twelve: A big suprise

Zachary screwed the cap on to the top. It was securely sealed. He walked over to the cupboard to put it away. He heard a few cracking noises the moment he touched the handle. Zachary turned around and walked over to the table. The concrete in between two of the floor tiles was cracking. Small cracks appeared here and there.


Maisy was bashing her spade above where she was. She was going to break through at that moment in time.

“That’s funny! I remember the garden being just grass. I must be under the patio!” Suddenly, toast crumbs started to slowly pour on her. One fell in her eye. She dropped the spade on her foot and she immediately stood up, breaking through where she had been attacking with that ancient and rusty spade. The floor in the kitchen immediately burst up and jam, glass and dust filled Zachary’s face. The table was smashed. Wood flew every where. Zachary got a splinter in his eye. He screamed and pulled it out. He screamed again and fell to the floor. He looked up and saw Maisy standing where the cracks had been appearing. Maisy looked down at her feet. Maisy then looked up at Zachary. She then looked out of the window, her feet still in the tunnel. She had dug her tunnel 28.9 metres short. She had tunnelled into the kitchen.

“MAISY! HOW HAVE YOU COME BACK FROM THE DEAD?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Zachary screamed so loud that Maisy crouched down to cover her ears.

“So it was you that killed Lottie, my decoy!” Maisy discovered.

“You shall pay!” Zachary shouted. He then blinked half a dozen times to clear his eyes of dust. 

The council were discussing a plan to get rid of the beast.

“I say we get the army to come over and attack the beast when it next comes. They must destroy any thing that it touches in case it spreads a disease of some sort!” Abel suggested.

“What a brilliant idea!”Harrisonstarted. He then walked over to a chest of draws, and opened the one labelled “HARRISO” The N had disappeared.Harrisongot out a black object. He then dramatically turned around and pointed a gun at the first person he stopped at. It was the leader.

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