The Weekly Press Saturday 15th October 2011 – Friday 21st October 2011

15 Oct

Us again with your weekend download of OUR STORIES news! All the headlines are below and if you type in your member name then you will be subscribed to OUR STORIES WORLD WIDE magazine. mattyeahyeahyeah, Katzoo23 and strangeglove!


As you may have heard/read, OUR STORIES FRANCE is touring France. First, from 1st January -7th January 2012, OUR STORIES FRNACE with be infront of the Eiffel Tower. Here are the next dates and places:

Les Berceaux-8th January-14th January 2012

Lycee Pierre Mechain-15th January-21st January 2012

Mercure Amiens Cathedrale-22nd January-28th January 2012

 La Pomme d’Or-29th January-7th January 2012

And a mystery place in Cannes 8th January-14th 2012


A brand new story, THE HERO OF THE EXPRESS, is coming soon to OUR STORIES ENGLAND and FRANCE. If you wish to purchase one, you’ll need to quick as there are a limited number of copies! OUR STORIES ENGLAND have 30 to give away for £15 each and OUR STORIES FRNACE have 35 to give away for £10. The reason that there is a five pound discount in the OUR STORIES FRANCE price is because people in France will need to conver their money first. If you wish to purchase one, type in to the email adress box below your email and we’ll give you all the details. BANK NOTES ONLY.

Members club models

As you know we are always adding new features to make things exciting for you! One of those new features is a club model and badge when you sign up to be a member! The 2011 model is of a light-house with discount voucher for purchasing Story Festival tickets (First 20 only), a themed badge (first 3 only) and a pedometer (first two only). Enjoy!