WE’VE RE-OPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 Sep

Hello There!



Yes that’s right! We have been busy putting together the new features and the work has definitely been worth it! Check out Horace The Hamster, Zachary Plotter, Fluffy Fuff and Lady GaGa! Check out the new upgrade!  Take a good look round! To celebrate we are holding the Re-Open Weekend! We’ve got Jaqueline Wilson’s highly popular Tracey Beaker, mattyeahyeahyeah’s comedy Fluffy’s Hotel, Katzoo23’s brand new features, and more!

Charity of the month: Some of the money we get when you buy membership or an upgrade until 1st October will go to the RSPCA! If you wish to donate, email us at ourstoreis@groups.live.com