29 Apr

Hi guys! It’s the beginning of the 4-day Big Fab Royal-themed Weekend! Here are the time tables for the next big days!


12:00: Royal Wedding-LIVE! link becomes members only! 12:30: Mission 3 for super heroes sneak peek is unlocked! 2:00: Zachary Plotter and the creature from @#!*% (Chapter eleven or sneak peek unlocked!) 5:00: National Anthem words on home page, so sing as high as you can!


12:00:  Exclusive story comes onto the website! 12:30: Fluffy’s hotel newsletter 3 is out! 2:00: mattyeahyeahyeah’s next blog update! 5:00: Fluffy’s hotel sneak peek!


10:15: Fluffy’s hotel sneak peek! Mission 3 unlocked! 2:00: Mission 4 sneak peek! 5:00: The English French Men update


12:00: Chat with Zachary Plotter starts on the chat box! 12:45: Chat finishes! 2:15: Chat with Prince Quilliam, Princess Fete’, The Ping and The Bean from Fluffy’s hotel on the chat box! 3:00: Chat finishes! 5:00: The 4-day Big Fab Royal themed weekend finale event on the other stories page!

We hope that you enjoy your 4-day big fab royal-themed weekend! Fluffy will be paying a visit on Monday at an unkown time too!

Matthew and Katie