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Problems! Problems!

3 Apr

You my find that we will not be pulishing much, the system is very slow! It’s nothing to do with, it’s my computer! It seems to be in a bad mood today! Happy Mother’s day to every Mum out there! Swiss chocolate is what I’m giving my Mum!


Another technical hitch!

3 Apr

Hi guys! The great links page has frozen up (In other words, we couldn’t follow the links on there!)! If there are any other problems, please report them to us straight away! Thanks you!


3 Apr

Sorry every one that a post on this website containing the b word was put up here! I didn’t know about this until I checked! We are having technical difficulties wiht this website and things are going wrong. That post was meant  to say, ‘Bored? Well, you shouldn’t be because it’s mothers day today!’ Another thing I wanted to tell you is that we didn’t even get 50 stats yesterday for our Cyco day! We could have of broken a record for the number of hits in one day! Well, keep on reading, and we hope that no more things go wrong!